"Call Sue, She really puts an answer to a very important question and is very responsive "
~J. Parks

"After 2 Years and many profesionnals' involvement, Sue found the answer within 48 hours"
~P. Peterson

"For any and all Social Security, VA and government benefits, Sue gets to the roots of the claims process"
~J. McGovern

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~J. Burgoyne

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~K. Whitney

" I never knew I could get benefits as a window of a former spouse though the Social Security System. I went from receiving a monthly benefit of $600/month to over $1800/month with a back award thus changing my life completely! "
~J. Mize

" We consulted with Sue for an hour and learned so much. She saved us frustration and time we would have spent if we had not met with here first. Thanks so much "
~K. Dillan